Online seminar on equality in games

1 minuters läsning

 Welcome to join this seminar organised by Svenska spelforskarrådet (Council of Swedish Games Researchers) to discuss equality issues in games. Equality, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion are multidimensional topics of interest in the ongoing discussion within the broader layers of the gaming community. These discussions often concern varied contexts, such as equality and inclusion in game development teams and communities, as well as representation and accessibility in games.. 

The seminar will feature a panel with experts from industry and academia.

The panel consists of:

  • Moderator: Rebecca Rouse (Högskolan i Skövde)
  • Jenny Brusk (Science Park Skövde)
  • Josephine Baird (Uppsala universitet)
  • Adam Palmquist (Nord universitet)

When: Tuesday June 18, 13.00-14.30


What: Discussion on equality issues in games from a broad perspective


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