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Svenska spelforskarrådet
Svenska spelforskarrådet
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The Council of Swedish Games Researchers (Svenska Spelforskarrådet) organizes the 2023 Game teacher symposium in conjunction with Sweden Game Conference 2023 (October 25-26).

The theme for 2023 is: Artificial intelligence and teaching game development. Generative AI has been a hot topic in the pedagogical debate recently. We were overwhelmed by discussions on how these technologies affect our work as teachers. What kind of assignments are meaningful in this new context of teaching? What should we grade and how should we arrange examination? What do our students need to know in the future?

Available solutions will not be un-invented, rather it can be expected that they will evolve to become even more powerful. We also know that these technologies are user in the industry and will hence be part of our students’ future tool set. Therefore, we wish to discuss how this affect the way we teach game development. Game development is multidisciplinary and we want to discuss it from a multidisciplinary perspective, using three perspectives as starting points, each one presented by a fellow game teacher.


Karl Bergström is a senior lecturer and game designer at Södertörn University, Institution of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, who focuses on the design- and potential of games, looking for new frontiers beyond the strictly digital. 
: Using A.I. for game design – exploring pitfalls and opportunities. 2022 saw both textual and graphical “AIs” come into the public consciousness, and many claims that we are just beginning to explore their potential use in a large number of fields. Karl Bergström will speak on possibilities when it comes to game design, using AIs to generate copy as well as test existing content.

Andreas Jonasson is a lecturer in game programming, who focuses on new ways to support and improve students learning processes to help students adapt to the uncertainty of the future.
Abstract: Generative AI has already started creeping up as a problem for the pedagogy commonly used in today’s classroom. But what if we see it as possibilities? How can it be used to enhance student learning and become a part of our pedagogical toolbox? Andreas Jonasson presents how he has used Generative AI in the classroom and what use-cases, and pitfalls, he sees in the foreseeable future.

Arslan Tursic is a Game Art Teacher at the University of Skövde and an independent game developer, with a strong traditional art background.
Abstract: The tools we humans use shape what we create, and the tools used by artists, including game development, shape what we value and how we view the fruits of our labour. AI generated images and textures however are a new and different artistic phenomenon. It affects our way of looking and experiencing digital artworks.  But how does it affect our way of learning art and learning to be creative?

Practical information and registration

When: Wednesday October 25

Where:  Scandic Billingen (Registration at Skövde Kulturhus by the railway station)

Registration: via the SGC23 registration system:

Contact and information: Per Backlund (

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