Online seminar on academic pathways in games

Svenska spelforskarrådet
Svenska spelforskarrådet
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When: December 14, 13.00-14.30
What: Information about possible academic pathways (master level and PhD level)

Welcome to join this seminar organized by Svenska spelforskarrådet (Council of Swedish Games Researchers) to learn more about education on an advanced level, research and doctoral studies within games. Studying games and game development has gained increased interest in the last decade. We now see bachelor study programmes in different academic areas (IT, humanities, media, media technologies, game design…). All have their different traditions and specializations, but they are united by their interest in games.

How to navigate this if you want to pursue an academic career? What can a bachelor or master thesis in games be about? What openings are there for studying games and game development on an advanced level? What kind of research and PhD student openings are there? What does it mean to be a PhD student in Sweden? What are the upsides of an academic career? At this seminar, you will get a deeper understanding of these questions and others, as well as a good opportunity to ask senior researchers and students on master’s and PhD levels about their experiences.

The panel consists of:

  • Per Backlund (Professor, University of Skövde)
  • Thomas Westin (Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University)
  • Joshua Juvrud (Assistant Professor, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland)
  • Staffan Björk (Professor, Gothenburg University/Chalmers)
  • Azul Romo Flores (PhD student, Södertörn University)
  • António Miguel Beleza Maciel Pinheiro Braga (Master student, Stockholm University)
  • Sharad Poudel (Master student, Stockholm University)
  • Deborah Carlander (Master student, University of Skövde)

Svenska spelforskarrådet

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