March 30, 2023 | Online Seminar on Swedish Games Research

1 minuters läsning

Date and time: Thursday March 30, 14.00-16.00. The seminar is in English and is free of charge. Zoom link below:

You are invited to attend the first online seminar arranged by Svenska Spelforskarrådet on Thursday March 30. The theme for the seminar is to discuss Swedish games research, in particular how academia and industry can cooperate for mutual benefit.

We have invited three guests:

  • Henrik Engström (Professor of Informatics at University of Skövde) who will present his book “Game Development Research in 2020.”
  • Konrad Tollmar (Research director – Electronic Arts) who will speak about current research at EA.
  • Philip Bennefall (Software developer at Blastbay Studios) who will share his experiences from industry/academia research projects, such as the PowerUp project.

After the presentations there will be an open discussion on the status of Swedish games research. What are the future trends and possibilities? What kind of cooperation and joint research should we strive for? What are the possibilities and challenges for cooperation between industry and academia? A forward aiming discussion on how to strengthen Swedish games research in a broad sense.

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